AlphaVision® for Medical

It’s time you had a new perspective on your data. AlphaVision® for Medical (AVM) provides interactive, 3D data landscapes that allow you to b blend and visually interpret multiple massive data sets. Discover how this cutting-edge technology can help you analyze clinical trial and patient data faster and more effectively than ever before. Blend your Omics or other data using this platform so you can see what you may have been missing. Patent Pending

Case Study Publication: A Multi-Omics Approach to Understanding the Tumor Microenvironment (SITC 2018)

Images of AVM displayed in the publication are taken from a fully interactive high-performance 3D environment. The user has full control over the camera and can select individual buildings to interrogate further.

See Everything. Miss Nothing.®

View your data and identify trends in a single glance. Use rules and alerts to instantly highlight outliers.

Change Your Perspective

Rotate your data and spot anomalies 2D charts can hide. Change your parameters and instantly see your data in new ways. Get answers to questions as quickly as you can ask them.

Your Data in Depth

Add a new dimension to your analysis with 3D visualization. View aggregate data or drill down to specific patient data.

"Exploratory data analysis the way it should be."

Large R&D pharmaceutical company

Explore AlphaVision®

Watch AlphaVision® running live, showing over 120,000 observations for 3,000 subjects at one time. Each subject shows pharmacokinetic data for candidate drug (upper) and control drug (lower).

Notice how easily trends across subjects are identified: the candidate drug is overwhelmingly absorbed sooner than the control drug, with a longer efficacy rate and higher peak absorption.

At any time, you can zoom in and select an individual subject to view patient details, allowing you to understand the data behind trends or outliers.

Interactive, Customizable Environment

  1. Drag and rotate the screen 360° to view visual analytics from any angle.
  2. Create your own custom color schemes to visually guide you to key information as it changes in real time.
  3. Visually identify trends and outliers. Clicking an item allows you to view detailed information and opens management dialog tools for additional actions, such as adjusting data filters.
  4. Import all your data from multiple data sources. Ensure all the information you need is at your fingertips, ready for immediate queries and responses.